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16 Apr

As you might have inferred from the title, this post will be a collection of interesting links I find during the day while browsing the internet.  Since I will not be able to post a whole story everyday, this will help round out my blog.  I hope to make this a daily (or near-daily) staple of Digital Frontier.  Let me know what you think in the comments about this idea or just about the stories.

Here are today’s links:

  • A post on Treehugger that discusses using old, retired subway cars as artificial reefs in the ocean.
  • I’m all for new inventions and privacy, but this seems to stretch both to the limit.
  • Hit up the review of the new Eee PC 900.  I hopefully will be able to get one of these to review.  This category of sub-laptops its very exciting.  I’m currently working on a story.
  • The new website is a great place for students in the IST college at Penn State to put issues and concerns out there.  The best part is that it is free of any affiliation with the college, so thoughts can be voiced without concern.
  • What?!? A company selling hackintoshes (wikipedia link)?  Hit this link to an Ars article for more info.  I have heard of private citizens using Apple’s OS X on thier own hardware, but never of a company offering to do the work.  The best part is that these computers are significatly less expensive than thier official counterparts.
  • Lastly, this internal microsoft video has been released on YouTube.  It is almost as hilarious as it is sad.  I really don’t know how to feel about it, thanks Microsoft.  The fake Bruce Springsteen is a nice touch…
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