Happy Earth Day/ The Daily Scoop

22 Apr

Happy Earth Day everyone. That’s right, April 22 is indeed Earth Day. Instead of writing about how everyone needs to conserve, recycle and be better stewards of the environment in general, I’m going to post some links that deal with technology and the environment.

First up is is the Green page. They have a lot of great resources linked all over this general page. Hit this link to find green technologies and this link on how to live greener.

Here are cool things you can do for Earth Day from a blog affectionately called Treehugger. They also offer a whole how to go green section.

Recently, I discovered the topic of Clean Tech. This is a blog dealing with that term. I hope to do a story on this technology at some point, but lots of research is still needed. Environmental technology also is related to this field of study.

The Global Environment and Technology Foundation (GETF) is a non-profit situation with this to say about themselves:

We are making a difference by promoting the development and use of innovative technology to achieve sustainable development. For nearly twenty years, GETF has brought industry, government and communities together to address environmental challenges with innovative solutions. has a huge amount of information about conservation, sustainability and clean tech. Very interesting stuff.

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