The Daily Scoop- Ubuntu 8.04 Related Links

27 Apr

This post is both a Daily Scoop entry and a follow-up to my original post about Ubuntu 8.04.  I have found several pages and helpful documents that I have used in order to make my Hardy Heron installation work excellently.  So without further ado- here are the things that help make this wonderful OS something workable.

From Fosswire is a Ubuntu cheat sheet based in .pdf format.  Here is the link to the page where you can download and view the .pdf.  This is possible the best and easiest guide I’ve seen.  Especially good for users like me who really know nothing about the command line.

From the Ubuntu How-To site is a great guide for all things Hardy Heron.  I used their other guides for previous version of the OS.

The following is code to install drivers for a Happaugue USB TV Tuner called the HVR-950.  I found these lurking on the internet and wanted to duplicate them in case the site went down at some point.  Hit the original instructions for details about other Ubuntu releases and how to install these drivers.  I haven’t tried these instructions yet on 8.04 but I’m pretty sure they will work.  The issue is finding software to play the TV signal on.

sudo su

apt-get install mercurial linux-headers-$(uname -r) linux-source build-essential

cd /lib/firmware


tar xvzf firmware_v4.tgz

hg clone

cd v4l-dvb-experimental


make install


sudo modprobe em2880-dvb

If on the next reboot, the card stops working the em2880-dvb module is not being loaded properly in Feisty. To fix this :

cd /etc/modprobe.d
sudo gedit dvbstick

then add this line to the new dvbstick file :
install em28xx /sbin/modprobe --ignore-install em28xx; /bin/sleep 2; /sbin/modprobe em2880-dvb

Reboot your system


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