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14 May

I just wanted to update my readers on a few things.  If it has seemed like I have not posted anything in a long time, I apologize.  I’ve been busy with finals for school, packing, going home and starting my summer internship which have prevented me from writing about interesting things.  The good news is that my internship at Applied Information Sciences is going to be a great opportunity for me and for my career.  I hope to bring some general experience that I obtain from the internship into the classroom and on this blog.

Next, I wanted to bring readers’ attention to two of my friends from Penn State who are attending (with other SRA students) the SARMA Conference in Arlington, Virginia.  The second annual event plays host for a terrific speaker series and a huge turnout of security and risk management/analysis companies.  Unfortunately, due to my internship hours, I am not able to attend.  Hopefully later in the summer I will be able to attend some other interesting security conferences hosted in the D.C. area where I live.  Please take a look at both Russ Beck’s and Matt Maisel’s blogs for a summary of interesting speeches and interactions with SARMA members.

Lastly, I would like to get some input on what you like about this blog both content and design.  If there are things you want me to discover and write about or have questions about other topics, please leave a comment in the form below.  I get a great deal of page hits for my two Ubuntu articles, but I would like to drive traffic to other parts and topics of this blog.  Any input and interaction about this blog is definitely appreciated.

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