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19 May

For the fourth installment of my Daily Scoop series, I have a bunch of great links for you to check out.

First up is a Q & A from the Commanding Officer of AFCYBER- Major General William Lord.  The questions were posed from a Slashdot forum and answered very honestly and objectively by General Lord.

This article continues coverage on AFCYBER and related projects.  The article’s title is Mutually Assured DDoS, which caught my eye.

Here is something that also piqued my interest.  The Wired article basically explains that buying a used car is more energy efficient than buying a hybrid car.  As a consumer that is soon going to be thrust into the used car market, it is nice to have this kind of detailed comparison.

Release Candidate 1 for Firefox Beta 3 has been released.  I have been using the beta of the much anticipated third installment of Firefox for a few months.  It is chock full of new features, most of which I will detail in a review upon its final release.

I thought it was interesting to find out that Google (Search Engine Master) has started a Beta Version of a Public Health Record Storage System.  Their aim is to provide a central location for people to share their medical records with medical professionals.

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