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01 Jun

I’m here again to deliver some cool links for your ocular enjoyment.  There is a bunch of great stuff to check out detailing everything from tech to the environment to security.  Enjoy!

A story from Wired Online discusses how scientists are creating formulas and techniques that make asphalt laying (also known as road making) into a environmentally safer process.

Here’s a great story about a hacker that specializes in hacking smart cards that handle satellite TV information.  The hacker goes to great lengths to exploit the chips for information, most of which are too detailed for me to explain.  Check out the video (towards the bottom of the page) for the full story.  The actual written story is also very interesting.

It was startling to find out about the state of broadband in the United States.  Even though the Internet originated in the U.S., apparently our methods of connection and speed are dwarfed by other countries.  Check the report out here.

For those using Macs, Ars has a great article about securing your Mac.  Although Mac OS X is “secure” out of the box, they say that with the enchancements listed in the article you can make your desktop environment much more of a safe place.

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