Your Input Required! You Can Make A Difference!

08 Jun

Ok, so you technically won’t be making that much of a difference compared to saving the world (by using the Ecobutton), but input on what I’m about to ask would certainly help a lot.  Currently, my friend and I run a blog called SRA Resources which is a big collection of articles, websites, and other resources about the Security and RIsk Analysis Program at Penn State.  Right now, they are organized into pages of subject matter with a basic template from WordPress (check out the blog for an example).  What I need from you is a way to better display the same information.  I was thinking some kind of database solution or specialty software solution (free, if possible).  Right now the information is just in a long list and the template looks like crap.  Any help/guidance/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I’m not big into programming, but any multitude of strategies would be great.

Thanks in advance!

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