Daily Links: Fourth of July Edition

04 Jul

Happy Fourth of July everyone, and most importantly, Happy Birthday U.S.A.  It’s been a while since I posted a daily links type post, but there are a few things I wanted to share with you.

  1. First up are the top ten TED Talks which come from the TED Conference.  “The annual conference now brings together the world’s most fascinating thinkers and doers, who are challenged to give the talk of their lives (in 18 minutes).”  The thing that sets these talks apart from other internet speeches and talk is that these speakers are incredible presenters.  They know how to captivate and audience and make a really difficult subject really easy to understand.  The video posted on this page gives pieces of the ten best TED Talks.  It is definitely worthwhile to give this one video a look, I’m sure you’ll want to check out some of the full length videos after you see this one.
  2. This video is a holographic representation of 3D Google Earth.  It is incredibly cool, and is something every techie wants to have in their living room.  Hopefully this technology will replace the standard LCD screen, keyboard and mouse.  After, (in my opinion) too many years of monitors, keyboard and mice we are long due for a serious recalculation of our computing experiences.
  3. Lifehacker asked readers to comment on their favorite Windows maintenance tools.  This post is a summary of the comments.  I have used most of them and can say that they are fantastic.
  4. The Phoenix Mars Lander has indeed found ice on the surface of Mars.  It seems as though the landing vehicle landed directly on top of ice covered by settled dust which blew away once the lander arrived.  They are going to place the ice sample in the robot’s oven to run tests.  This is the homepage of the Phoenix Mars Lander, and this is the relevant story to the baking of Mars’ ice.
  5. The Bavarian Parliament has passed a law that permits Bavarian Police to place Trojans on suspect’s and suspect’s contacts computers.  The article (which has been translated via Google Translation) details the whole story.  This approach to fighting crime is new and certainly scary, especially since it is state sanctioned.
  6. Slashdot has an excellent interview with Lt. Colonel John Bircher, who is with U.S. Army Computer Network Operations (CNO)-Electronic Warfare (EW) Proponent’s Futures Branch.  Similar in scope to AFCYBER, this Army program is currently evaluating the need and repsonse for military action in the cyber warfare realm.
  7. Firefox 3 set a world record for the most number of downloads in a single day- with 8 million.  Hit up the link for a cool interactive map that shows how many downloads there have been to date.  At the time of this post, Firefox 3 had reached 30,391,042 downloads.
  8. An update for those who are looking for the rest of the DGI Conference on Cyber Security posts, I am working on it.  I’ve been swamped with work and some other stuff, but I assure you that I’m working on it.

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