Love XP and Hate Vista? You Are Going To Love “Mojave”

27 Jul

It seems as though Microsoft is finally firing back in response to Apple’s all out advertisement assault on Windows Operating Systems.  As Apple gains a larger foothold in consumer’s homes and offices (an alleged 8.9%), its competition is starting to realize the threat it faces if they do not act.  Microsoft’s new ad campaigns (which we have heard whispers of over the last few months) are starting to show up.  Last week, a story broke that a large group of people that use a variety of Windows, Apple and Linux Operating Systems were shown a new, experimental version of Windows called “Mojave”.  Before being shown a demonstration of the new OS, they were asked on video to give their impressions of Windows Vista and most gave a decidedly negative view of the year old OS.  After being shown the video, over 90% had purportedly gave positive feedback on the “Mojave” OS.

Then, the group of people were told that the “Mojave” Operating System was just Windows Vista all along.

A Cnet article had this to say:

“Oh wow,” said one user, eliciting exactly the exclamation that Microsoft had hoped to garner when it first released the operating system more than 18 months ago. Instead, the operating system got mixed reviews and criticisms for its lack of compatibility and other headaches.

The teaser site for the video that will be released this coming Tuesday has been put up.  You can find it here with some details on how they set up the experiment.

In my opinion that this is a step in the right direction for Microsoft.  To be honest, Apple’s TV ads are amusing and they connect with everyday people.  It’s about time Microsoft stepped up now that its Windows Vista OS is more mature.  With Windows 7 in heavy development, Microsoft needs to gain some advertising momuntum that is going to make Windows more attractive to consumers.  Since Windows 7 is going to be built off of Vista, they need to get thier proverbial ducks in a row.  With cool upcoming features like native multitouch support and a strong foundation, Windows has a lot to offer.

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