Housekeeping Updates

29 Jul

I wanted to update my readers on a few things, so here it goes.

  1. A big shout out goes to readers of Digital Frontier for pushing me over 3,000 total views.  I had (and currently still having) a terrific month of July with over 1,300 views.  This is no doubt due to the popularity of the iPhone/iPod Touch Penn State VPN Wi-Fi story I am currently running and constantly updating.  I have
  2. You may have noticed that I’ve ramped up the number of posts over the last four or five days.  This is due to me finally having some time to sit down and do research for each of those posts.  I hope to get back on track as the summer draws to a close and school starts again.
  3. I am currently preparing an interactive timeline news feed that will be used in conjunction with this  blog.  I will have one initially that will be like the Daily Links article that I publish every so often.  Check back later for more news on that front.
  4. Next on my list of updates is a new blog I have started.  It is called Volunteer @ Penn State and you can find it at this location.  It is my desire to find a group of people that will help me update and maintain the site.  This will involve communication with Penn State clubs and groups as well as entities located in State College.  Please email me at sjs5196 {at} psu {dot} edu with “Volunteer @ Penn State” in the subject line if you are interested.  I believe this has lots of potential, and it may even spill over to other schools.  There is also a link in my blogroll on the right hand side of this blog.
  5. If anyone is interested in guest authoring a blog post on Digital Frontier, please let me know.  I am open to content suggestions and want to diversify what Digital Frontier already offers.  Contact me at sjs5196 {at} psu {dot} edu with “Guest Blogging” in the subject line if you are interested.
  6. If you have comments or suggestions for Digital Frontier, I would love to get some input.  Whether it be able the design or about the content, I’m open to comments.  Either email me with them, or comment directly on this post.
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