Alternatives To File-Sharing, Torrenting and other Illegal Transfers: Video Edition

25 Sep

In the second edition of the Alternatives to file-sharing, torrenting, and other illegal transfers, we will examine the video side. Let’s just put it out in the open: college students love to illegally download and exchange media. Wide open, blazing broadband going to dorms and apartments provides a fantastic avenue for obtaining music, movies and pictures in a less-than-legal fashion. I was going to write a post about copyright law and its impact of college students, but it is pretty boring. While this series of posts will provide a little information about the copyright laws that deal with filesharing, it will mainly focus on legal alternatives to consume media.


Like music, maybe you pirate video from services like Limewire, Bittorrent, Kazaa and other p2p networks. Some of you have noticed the drawbacks from using such networks: your computer is slower than frozen molasses and, in extreme cases, you may even have been subpoenaed by the Court System at the behest of the RIAA. Here is a list of alternatives, some free and some paid.

1) Free Streaming Services

a) Hulu

i) In my opinion, the best streaming video service available on the internet

ii) Great selection

iii) Free

iv) Offers streaming quality and standard definition video

v) Fantastic interface

vi) Updated frequently with new content

vii) Includes TV shows, Feature Movies and Internet Specials

viii) Is my pick for free streaming video

ix) Has three, 30 second commercials per 30 minutes of content (generally)

b) Joost

i) Requires you to download software to watch content

ii) Uses advanced peer-to-peer software to manage the network

iii) Pretty large selection

iv) Uses about 1GB of bandwidth per few hours

v) Second choice for free streaming video

vi) Has commercials & advertisements

2) Paid Streaming Services

a) Netflix

i) You pay $8.99 per month for unlimited viewing of their online content and 1 DVD at a time through their mail service

ii) Online catalog has thousands of titles, including feature films and TV shows

iii) Their mail based service has an extensive availability of DVD films and shows

iv) Sucks up bandwidth like it is going out of style, but the quality is great

v) Windows Only (uses Internet Explorer to stream content)

vi) Commercial Free

b) Amazon

i) Streams content rented from store

ii) Windows and Mac

iii) Has huge selection

iv) Commercial Free

v) You pay per video

c) iTunes

i) Features Movies and Television Shows

ii) Can buy or rent content

iii) Plays on Apple iPod players and the iPhone

iv) Commercial Free

v) Rented content is time and view count restricted

vi) Great selection

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One response to “Alternatives To File-Sharing, Torrenting and other Illegal Transfers: Video Edition

  1. Jay Mahal

    July 28, 2010 at 10:47 am

    Hey, great post.

    I guess there is nothing on the web which gives us much information about video file sharing..or should I say online storage and file sharing. I am not talking about YouTube, Vimeo or Google Video, but more about sending and receiving large files via the use of a software.


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