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Best Spam E-mail I Ever Had

I checked out my Spam Inbox this afternoon and found quite a gem.  It seems that Robert S. Mueller- the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation had personally contacted me.  Why, you may ask?  To let me know that an investigation has since been completed on my banking activities.  Click on the picture to get a better look.  It’s an interesting read.  This has all the telltale marks of a phising scheme: poor English, money in banks I’ve never heard of and directions for me to wire money via Western Union among other things.  The faux FBI Director even gives his e-mail address:  I’m no expert in web technology, but my “how the internet works” class tells me that you don’t put a www in front of an e-mail address.

They even take the time to assure me that the email is legitimate, “Since the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been involved in this transaction, you are not to be rest assured that this transaction is legitimateand completely risk-free as it is our duty to Protect and Serve Citizens of the United States of America.”  (That quote is verbatim from the spam email)  The telephone number listed at the top of this email has been flagged by several websites as fake, judging by the fact that other people have received similar emails.

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The Best Spam I've Ever Had

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