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The Traveler’s Video Guide To Earth’s Destruction

I first saw this video a little while ago in a computer graphics class.  We watched in on You Tube, but as most of you know the quality is pretty lackluster.  Finally, the video reappeared on my radar screen on another blog with the terrific news that it has been posted in High Definition.  The version that is embedded in this post is the standard definition version, but follow this link to the original You Tube page and click “Watch In HD” right below the video player.

In the computer graphics class that I originally viewed this in, we examined the quality of the fire and flame.  Generally, digitally rendered fire and water are impossibly difficult to make look good.  The sheer randomness and fluidity of both elements are challenging for computers to replicate.  My favorite part in the video are the ripples that occur just as the asteroid impact the Earth.  The scenes of burning cities are also pretty spectacular.

Throughout the history of the Earth, Terra Firma has actually experienced several major asteroid impacts.  Evidence can be found all over the surface of our blue planet, most notably in sites like Siberia, Mexico, Australia and the Western U.S as recently as 1908.  Such impacts are believed to have caused the end of the Dinosaurs.

So without further ado, I present the destruction of the Earth:

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The World’s Air Traffic Simulated

I don’t usually post videos but this one was too cool to pass up.  This 72 second clip was made by the Zurich School of Applied Sciences and represents the world’s flight traffic over a 24 hour period.  If you watch as the sunlight makes its way across Europe to London, the flights from the East Coast to London begin to stream across the Atlantic.  Pretty cool stuff.

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Something I Wish I Saw When I Was Young

This video appeared on Gizmodo a while ago and I thought it was pretty funny.   The video is for teaching the elderly how to use the internet.  Produced sometime in the 1990’s, the wording in much of the video is pretty hilarious by today’s standards.

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The 75th Blog Post

I wanted to give readers a little glimpse of what kind of ground that Digital Frontier has covered. The post previous to this post was my 75th blog post since I began writing on  April 15 of 2008.

As of this posting, I have:

  1. 75 Posts
  2. 377 Tags
  3. 9 Categories
  4. 106 Comments
  5. 11,275 Total Views
  6. 1.197 Caught Spam Comments

My 10 Most Popular Posts:

  1. How To Sync Google Calendars To Your iPod Touch
  2. Connecting iPhone/iPod Touch to the Penn State Wi-Fi Network
  3. Instructions On Installing Drivers for an HVR-950 TV Tuner in Ubuntu 8.04
  4. Millimeter Wave Scanner
  5. Ruckus Music Service Review
  6. Penn State Blue and White Game 2008
  7. About Me
  8. HP IPAQ 111 Review
  9. LG Chocolate 3 Review
  10. Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron Initial Impressions

Top 5 Terms That People Typed Into Search Engines To Find Digital Frontier

  1. iPod Touch Calendar
  2. Beaver Stadium
  3. PSU VPN iPhone
  4. Google Calendar iPhone Sync
  5. Nuevasync

Thank you again for all of your support.  I plan on ramping up posts on Digital Frontier after the current semster is over.

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The Switch Easy Rebel Touch for the iPod Touch (2G)

It’s been a long time since I last posted and I thought I might start posting again with a short review on a product I just got in the mail.  I purchased my iPod Touch (second generation) about two months ago when it debuted and have been searching for a suitable case ever since it got its first scratch.  Fortunately, the glass facade does not scratch easily but the aluminum backing scratches like a chicken.  I spent some time on forums and review sites and decided to bite the bullet and purchase a case.  I decided on the Rebel Touch from a company called Switch Easy.  You can find the product page here.  It took about a week to get to my house from the West Coast but it was definitely worth the wait.  The case shipped in a small blister pack (the type of packaging that will ruin your hands) inside a medium sized envelope via USPS.

In the package you get: the case, two screen protectors, a headphone adapter,  a docking station insert, a screen cleaner and a stand to hold up the iPod for easy viewing- all for $30.00.  After following the instructions for applying the screen protector, I decided to peel it off and not use it.  In reality, I didn’t like the tiny air bubbles between the screen and the plastic overlay, clearly a direct consequence of my application.  The instructions for putting the case on the iPod make the process seem daunting, but it really isn’t that bad.  The case is in two parts: a silicon underlay that sits next to the iPod and a hard plastic skeleton that holds the primary skin onto the device.  What results is an incredibly functional and well-fitting case.  It adds very little bulk or heft to the device, making it easily pocketable.  What sets the Rebel Touch case apart from its peers is that it slides easily into a pocket.  Those of you who have ever owned a traditional silicone skin/case knows that the normal person has a moderate to difficult time trying to insert or extract the device from a standard pants pocket.

Switch Easy includes a headphone adapter in case the headphones you use don’t fit the contours of the case quite right.  I have used simple Sony earbuds and large Bose can-style headphones and the plugs fit without the help of the adapter.  The included dock cover fits snugly and nulls most of the worries I had about foreign objects entering the dock port.  What’s even better about this case is that it provides perfect (and I believe improved) access to the volume rocker and the sleep/wake button.  I always found the volume rocker on the side of the device difficult to use and this case provides the perfect amount of tactile contact to use it without having to utilize both hands.  The sleep/wake button on the top of the device remains just as usable as before, which is always a good thing.  Some people have shared concern about quality control standards with this case and the sleep/wake button not being very accessible.  Apparently, those problems have been fixed and all cases that are now shipping are free of defects.  Switch Easy is working with affected customers to replace their defective cases.

If you have a iPod Touch, this is the case for you.  For around $30.00 shipped, you get the best case that I’ve ever come across.  If you have questions, leave them in the comments and I’ll get back to you.


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