The Best iPod Touch Applications Part I

05 Jan

Hello there.  I’ve had my second generation iPod Touch for a few months now and have been testing out different applications as they come out.  Until a few weeks ago, I hadn’t paid for a single application.  The post you are currently reading includes a few paid apps, but the rest that I talk about are free.  You’ll find applications on this list that span multiple categories/genres.  If you have a question, please let me know.  Expect to see a post similar to this periodically when I find good apps.

Facebook (Free)

Like most college students, I’m at least partially addicted to Facebook.  I had originally downloaded an older version of the Facebook app when I first got my Touch.  The original version was terrible and you couldn’t really do anything with it.  Thankfully, Facebook decided to fix the original version and release a new version with a large smattering of new features.  At the time of this post, the Facebook app can do about 75% of what the full browser version can do.  I suspect that in the coming months, we’ll see a nearly feature complete version of the Facebook iPod Touch app.  The only thing that bothers me about this version is that fact that the app reports that every update was 3 hours ago, even though I know it wasn’t.  This is definitely some kind of bug that everyone I know that has this app has problems with.  Nice thing is that it doesn’t take away any functionality.

Google Earth (Free)

Most people have experiences Google Earth at some point.  Either they have used the actual software or have seen local news stations using the software live on air.  I can’t tell you what a joy it is to be able to manipulate the Earth with my fingers.  The Google Earth app takes full advantage of the multi-touch capabilities of the iPod Touch allowing you to zoom in and out, rotate and explore every inch of the Earth.  The speed of this application is incredible, especially given the device’s limited hardware.  The multi-touch makes for a more natural manipulation of the data which is awesome.  I’m waiting for a feature that allows you to connect the iPod to the computer and use the multi-touch screen to manipulate the full featured software on your desktop.

TWC (Free)

TWC stands for The Weather Channel.  I have searched long and hard for a decent weather application and this app meets all of my specifications.  It has support for multiple locations, extended forcasts, emergency weather warnings and live radar maps.  The weather app that is packaged with the iPod pales in comparison to this application.  This is probably one of my oft-used applications.

Sportacular (Free)

I was recommended to use this application by a friend who is a true sports aficionado.  It has support for NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA Basketball, NCAA Football and I believe a few others.  I don’t use it that much since I can just watch the game on TV, but its a handy app.  I use it mostly for college football standings as it gives ranking for AP Polls, BCS and other systems.  For most games, it also has a live, graphical representation of the game.  The author of the application regularly updates the app and does a great job.

Mobile News (Free)

This application is my favorite news application.  It runs off the AP News Wire and can be highly configured for multiple locations and news intersts.  I use Google Reader for my RSS Feeds, but this news application really takes care of the rest of my needs.  The best part is that it stores news stories so you can update it and then read the stories later when you don’t have internet access.

It should be noted that all of these applications can be run on the iPhone.  To be honeset, these applications seem like they run faster on an iPod Touch as the hardware is apparently faster.  Also the wi-fi internet connection is vastly faster than the 3G connection which helps with apps like Google Earth.

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