The Best iPod Touch Applications Part II

05 Jan

This post is my second installment of the best iPod Touch applications category, and it covers all free apps.

Twitter Fon (Free)

I’ve become a big fan of Twitter recently and I have been itching to find the best Twitter app for the iPod Touch.  After using apps like Twitterific and Twittelator, I still wasn’t satisfied.  Thank goodness I found Twitter Fon.  It delivers a simple interface that delivers tweets in an organized fashion.  It breaks your tweets down into your general stream of tweets from people you follow, people that @ reply you, personal messages and a search tool.  Better yet, it loads fast and tells you how many new messages you have gotten since you last updated the software.  Twitter Fon has been slowly climbing in popularity, and I strongly recommend downloading this application.

Urbanspoon (Free)

I don’t really use this app a lot since I’m away at school most of the time.  The point of this application is to help you find a place to eat by selecting a few preferences.  You pick what “genre” of food you want to eat, what price you want to pay and what location is most convenient to you.  The best part is that you are able to lock any or all of these options to completely customize the search.  As I hinted at before, this app is most effective in large cities.  Urbanspoon appears to constantly update their list of major cities and metropolitan areas.  You can even go online and request that you city be included in an future update of Urbanspoon. (Free)

I just downloaded the first mobile version of is a fantastic online tool for tracking your finances.  It takes data from your accounts (bank accounts, investments funds, etc.) and process the information into manageable chunks that are easy to digest.  Mint manages to accrue all of this data in a completely security way.  Unsurprisingly, Mint’s dedication to secure their services carries over to their iPod Touch app.  Although the functionality of this application is somewhat limited, it has incredible potential- especially building upon its security features.  Keep up with future releases of this application to see what great things they come up with.  If you haven’t tried the normal, I certainly encourage you check it out.

Seadragon (Free)

Seadragon is Microsoft’s first iPod Touch application.  I can’t say that it is useful, but it sure is cool.  What Seadragon touts is a substantial image library in which you can zoom into pictures near infinitely.  My favorite photos are the ones of galaxies that I can explore with the tip of my finger.  If nothing else, download Seadragon just for its coolness factor.  I would also recommend using a wi-fi connection rather than 3G since wi-fi is substantially faster.

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One response to “The Best iPod Touch Applications Part II

  1. Rodrigo

    August 13, 2009 at 5:02 pm

    Hey, ¿how are you?
    I just finished reading your review and I agree with you in most of the apps you mention.
    Here are some other great apps for you to try and, perhaps, add to your list.

    1.- Remote (free) – You can control Itunes directly from your Ipod/Iphone through Wi-Fi.

    2.- Todo (paid) – Great way to organize your life.

    3.- (free) – You get to listen to a bunch of radio stations classified by genres. ( If you dig jazz, You’ll love it)

    4.- New York Times (free) – Yet, the best news app I’ve tried.


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