The Best iPod Touch Applications Part I

Hello there.  I’ve had my second generation iPod Touch for a few months now and have been testing out different applications as they come out.  Until a few weeks ago, I hadn’t paid for a single application.  The post you are currently reading includes a few paid apps, but the rest that I talk about are free.  You’ll find applications on this list that span multiple categories/genres.  If you have a question, please let me know.  Expect to see a post similar to this periodically when I find good apps.

Facebook (Free)

Like most college students, I’m at least partially addicted to Facebook.  I had originally downloaded an older version of the Facebook app when I first got my Touch.  The original version was terrible and you couldn’t really do anything with it.  Thankfully, Facebook decided to fix the original version and release a new version with a large smattering of new features.  At the time of this post, the Facebook app can do about 75% of what the full browser version can do.  I suspect that in the coming months, we’ll see a nearly feature complete version of the Facebook iPod Touch app.  The only thing that bothers me about this version is that fact that the app reports that every update was 3 hours ago, even though I know it wasn’t.  This is definitely some kind of bug that everyone I know that has this app has problems with.  Nice thing is that it doesn’t take away any functionality.

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The Best iPod Touch Applications Part II

This post is my second installment of the best iPod Touch applications category, and it covers all free apps.

Twitter Fon (Free)

I’ve become a big fan of Twitter recently and I have been itching to find the best Twitter app for the iPod Touch.  After using apps like Twitterific and Twittelator, I still wasn’t satisfied.  Thank goodness I found Twitter Fon.  It delivers a simple interface that delivers tweets in an organized fashion.  It breaks your tweets down into your general stream of tweets from people you follow, people that @ reply you, personal messages and a search tool.  Better yet, it loads fast and tells you how many new messages you have gotten since you last updated the software.  Twitter Fon has been slowly climbing in popularity, and I strongly recommend downloading this application.

Urbanspoon (Free)

I don’t really use this app a lot since I’m away at school most of the time.  The point of this application is to help you find a place to eat by selecting a few preferences.  You pick what “genre” of food you want to eat, what price you want to pay and what location is most convenient to you.  The best part is that you are able to lock any or all of these options to completely customize the search.  As I hinted at before, this app is most effective in large cities.  Urbanspoon appears to constantly update their list of major cities and metropolitan areas.  You can even go online and request that you city be included in an future update of Urbanspoon. (Free)

I just downloaded the first mobile version of is a fantastic online tool for tracking your finances.  It takes data from your accounts (bank accounts, investments funds, etc.) and process the information into manageable chunks that are easy to digest.  Mint manages to accrue all of this data in a completely security way.  Unsurprisingly, Mint’s dedication to secure their services carries over to their iPod Touch app.  Although the functionality of this application is somewhat limited, it has incredible potential- especially building upon its security features.  Keep up with future releases of this application to see what great things they come up with.  If you haven’t tried the normal, I certainly encourage you check it out.

Seadragon (Free)

Seadragon is Microsoft’s first iPod Touch application.  I can’t say that it is useful, but it sure is cool.  What Seadragon touts is a substantial image library in which you can zoom into pictures near infinitely.  My favorite photos are the ones of galaxies that I can explore with the tip of my finger.  If nothing else, download Seadragon just for its coolness factor.  I would also recommend using a wi-fi connection rather than 3G since wi-fi is substantially faster.

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My Trip To The Rose Bowl

I just got back from my trip to Pasadena, California for the Rose Bowl and I wanted to fill my readers in on how it was.  I am a member of the Penn State Marching Blue Band (herein referred to as the “Blue Band”) and the University paid for the entire Blue Band to fly out for the Rose Bowl.  Below, you’ll get a day-by-day account of my experience.  Spanning from December 28, 2008 to January 3, 2009, my trip to the Tournament of Roses was spectacular in every respect.

Sunday December 28, 2008

Members of the Blue Band had to return to State College, PA the day before we actually departed for California to get some rehearsal time in.  Since we hadn’t met as a group in 3.5 weeks or so, it was pretty important we got a good rehearsal in.  We had rehearsal at Holuba Hall (the football practice facility) at 4:00 PM and again at 7:30.  We were given the finalized itinerary for the trip and went over some guidelines for the trip during these practices.  In between rehearsals, Clem’s Barbecue catered a fantastic, if gassy dinner consisting of pulled pork, grilled chicken, mac n’ cheese and baked beans.  Many of you may not know that Clem’s Barbecue has a strong following in and around Penn State for it’s delicious food.  All I’ll say is that I went to bed that night a happy camper with a full belly.

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The Traveler’s Video Guide To Earth’s Destruction

I first saw this video a little while ago in a computer graphics class.  We watched in on You Tube, but as most of you know the quality is pretty lackluster.  Finally, the video reappeared on my radar screen on another blog with the terrific news that it has been posted in High Definition.  The version that is embedded in this post is the standard definition version, but follow this link to the original You Tube page and click “Watch In HD” right below the video player.

In the computer graphics class that I originally viewed this in, we examined the quality of the fire and flame.  Generally, digitally rendered fire and water are impossibly difficult to make look good.  The sheer randomness and fluidity of both elements are challenging for computers to replicate.  My favorite part in the video are the ripples that occur just as the asteroid impact the Earth.  The scenes of burning cities are also pretty spectacular.

Throughout the history of the Earth, Terra Firma has actually experienced several major asteroid impacts.  Evidence can be found all over the surface of our blue planet, most notably in sites like Siberia, Mexico, Australia and the Western U.S as recently as 1908.  Such impacts are believed to have caused the end of the Dinosaurs.

So without further ado, I present the destruction of the Earth:

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The World’s Air Traffic Simulated

I don’t usually post videos but this one was too cool to pass up.  This 72 second clip was made by the Zurich School of Applied Sciences and represents the world’s flight traffic over a 24 hour period.  If you watch as the sunlight makes its way across Europe to London, the flights from the East Coast to London begin to stream across the Atlantic.  Pretty cool stuff.

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Something I Wish I Saw When I Was Young

This video appeared on Gizmodo a while ago and I thought it was pretty funny.   The video is for teaching the elderly how to use the internet.  Produced sometime in the 1990’s, the wording in much of the video is pretty hilarious by today’s standards.

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The 75th Blog Post

I wanted to give readers a little glimpse of what kind of ground that Digital Frontier has covered. The post previous to this post was my 75th blog post since I began writing on  April 15 of 2008.

As of this posting, I have:

  1. 75 Posts
  2. 377 Tags
  3. 9 Categories
  4. 106 Comments
  5. 11,275 Total Views
  6. 1.197 Caught Spam Comments

My 10 Most Popular Posts:

  1. How To Sync Google Calendars To Your iPod Touch
  2. Connecting iPhone/iPod Touch to the Penn State Wi-Fi Network
  3. Instructions On Installing Drivers for an HVR-950 TV Tuner in Ubuntu 8.04
  4. Millimeter Wave Scanner
  5. Ruckus Music Service Review
  6. Penn State Blue and White Game 2008
  7. About Me
  8. HP IPAQ 111 Review
  9. LG Chocolate 3 Review
  10. Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron Initial Impressions

Top 5 Terms That People Typed Into Search Engines To Find Digital Frontier

  1. iPod Touch Calendar
  2. Beaver Stadium
  3. PSU VPN iPhone
  4. Google Calendar iPhone Sync
  5. Nuevasync

Thank you again for all of your support.  I plan on ramping up posts on Digital Frontier after the current semster is over.

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