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How To Turn Off Google Buzz

I decided I wasn’t really ready to give Google more of my information today. I also decided I didn’t need another social networking outlet in my life.

So I turned off Google Buzz.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Go to your Gmail inbox.
  2. Scroll to the footer at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click “Turn off buzz”. (See photo below)
  4. There are no more steps, but check out the photo below if you are a visual learner.

How To Turn Off Google Buzz

Thank me and your privacy later.

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A Real Competitor To The Omniscient Wikipedia

I was made aware yesterday that Google has been working on their own version of Wikipedia since December.  The system, named Knol is set up in a similar way, but there are a few changes that may end up making the new competitor an even more valuable resource.  According to their webpage, “A knol is an authoritative article about a specific topic.”  Their service, discourages anonymous article authors.  Instead, the Knol team hopes to encourage subject matter experts to submit information.  To do this, a verification process has been put in place which verifies your name with provided (and registered) credit card information.  An additional verification system has been put in place that does the identification check over the phone.  This gives authors a higher level of impetus to write what is the truth.  Additionally, Google will be paying article writers with the advertisement money from their Ad-Sense ads.  Additionally, the service will allow people to comment on a written article and make suggestions to the original author to improve the article.  This way, the author stays in control of what they have written, but can accept alterations to their work.  Google has made a point to say that they will not be performing an editorial screening of a given post.  I’m assuming that they will monitor posts for pornographic and other questionable content.

In terms of current content, a large majority seems to be medical related.  I’m sure as people start finding out about this service, there will be a wealth of information.  You can find the page here.

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The Daily Scoop

For the fourth installment of my Daily Scoop series, I have a bunch of great links for you to check out.

First up is a Q & A from the Commanding Officer of AFCYBER- Major General William Lord.  The questions were posed from a Slashdot forum and answered very honestly and objectively by General Lord.

This article continues coverage on AFCYBER and related projects.  The article’s title is Mutually Assured DDoS, which caught my eye.

Here is something that also piqued my interest.  The Wired article basically explains that buying a used car is more energy efficient than buying a hybrid car.  As a consumer that is soon going to be thrust into the used car market, it is nice to have this kind of detailed comparison.

Release Candidate 1 for Firefox Beta 3 has been released.  I have been using the beta of the much anticipated third installment of Firefox for a few months.  It is chock full of new features, most of which I will detail in a review upon its final release.

I thought it was interesting to find out that Google (Search Engine Master) has started a Beta Version of a Public Health Record Storage System.  Their aim is to provide a central location for people to share their medical records with medical professionals.

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